2D - 3D Conversions

3D Crystal is pleased to endorse the team at cockpit3d.com for all modelling needs. If you are a laser owner looking for an honest team to do your 3D modelling, speak to the folks at cockpit3d.com. Here are a few reasons why we have chosen to support these guys over any other company that we have tried:

1) Their software is awsome and it is Free. We needed something easy to learn and fast to use.
2) They offer CAD, DXF and Manipulable file types. This means that along with our CAD/DXF we also get a file type that we can change in their software with every order
3) Their pricing is competitive and they offer 2 hour rush turn around across mostly all time zones in the world
4) They offer Live Chat so if we have any questions about any file, we can instantly send a message to the artist. They work as a dedicated team and this sense of accountability is why we are endorsing them on our website.